2022 Jun 23

This Minecraft Mod Adds Stronger Bosses In The Mix

Someone has developed an Minecraft mod that gives you the "new game plus" experience. This is logical as you will often reach an end-of-game point in the sandbox when you have defeated all the bosses and built something amazing. I love is a game that you can re-start whenever you want to take on another challenge. However, the task is often more about the environment, and less about the major fights. Although Warden-like creatures are difficult to defeat however, that's not what's important. The Progressive Bosses mod is designed to make bosses more difficult.

Progressive Bosses is an mod for Minecraft 1.18 that comes with a myriad of modifications designed to keep the boss fights ramping up in a more challenging manner. It works differently in multiplayer and single-player which means you'll have enjoyable fights regardless of the way you play. You can read all the specifics on the site.

This mod is focused on the Ender Dragon and the Wither Dragon. It gives the dragons an extra boost every time they die by increasing their damage and health or giving them new abilities.

This approach to bosses means that you don't need to beat them. The task is finished when you're in a position to defeat the biggest bads.

If you are only interested in the sound of a few of these features, then there's good news is that you can turn off the ones you don't like. Progressive Bosses is a fantastic mod for those who really like combat in Minecraft or just want the more objective aspects of the game to last for a little longer.

If you'd rather spend your time looking at stunning Minecraft builds than fighting, we'd definitely suggest taking a quick look at this amazing Star Wars build. It literally won a competition and it's just that good.

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